Will your practice beat the website accessibility deadline?

A practice manager editing the practice website

There’s a deadline approaching for GP practices to meet new government accessibility requirements. By 23 September all practices should be working towards making their websites easier to use for everyone, regardless of any disability.

This means, for example, making sure that any images on your website have alternative text that describes their function for visually impaired visitors. Another example would be writing meaningful link text. No more click here please! The link text should explain the destination, such as, follow this link to visit the NHS website. Practices will also be required to publish an accessibility statement and make sure that it is reviewed regularly.

While the requirements may feel daunting, the government has made it clear that the focus is on supporting compliance, rather than enforcement for failure.

We’ve written an article for Practice Index which explains the background to the requirements (you can read the article by following this link) and we are hosting a webinar to offer training and support to our practice clients on Tuesday 8 September at 11.00am.

There’s no need to pre-book or reserve a space at the webinar – all our clients will receive an invitation.

For now, save the date and look out for a link and further details nearer the time.

👉  Save the date! Tuesday 8 September at 11.00am