Do GPsurgery.net websites prioritise key patient tasks?

GPsurgery.net’s GP websites are designed to promote key tasks for patients identified by NHS England’s new guidance on creating a highly usable and accessible GP website.

Large buttons with icons or buttons are visible at the top of the homepage. These can be customised to promote the key tasks specific to your GP surgery. 

Contact details are displayed in the header of GPsurgery.net websites, and further details (including opening hours and a Google Maps link) are displayed in branch boxes on the homepage.

See a GPsurgery.net homepage on our demo site.

I work at a PCN. Can I publish a page on the PCN website and share this to the GP websites in our network?

GPsurgery.net websites are set up with a broadcast system. This allows you to publish a page, news item or alert on your PCN website and send this same information instantly to the GP websites within your PCN.

See below how Newcastle North PCN has broadcast an article to the GP practice websites in their network:

Can I publish the latest health campaigns for our patients on the website?

We offer a public health campaigns banner for your homepage, which is updated regularly with the latest Public Health Campaigns in your country.

See the Latest Health News banner on our demo site.

If I need help or to make an urgent update to my website, how long will you take to respond to my request?

During our normal working hours (8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday) we will generally respond to your request within 120 minutes of receiving it. 

Our team is efficient and experienced, so you can rest assured that you’ll be looked after by GPsurgery.net.

Don’t just listen to us – read customer reviews on Practice Index.

Will I be able to see visitor statistics and analytics for my website?

All GPsurgery.net websites come with a dedicated analytics page in the Dashboard.

We’ll help you use this to structure your website to suit the needs and priorities of your patients.

Read more about the analytics page on our support portal.

Will my GP website ‘feel’ like a website for an NHS service?

At GPsurgery.net, we work hard to make our websites feel professional and familiar to patients. 

We have always followed the NHS’s Digital service manual design principles and are constantly looking for ways to improve and refine our sites.

[COMING SOON] – Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming NHS themed template.

Does GPsurgery.net follow the NHS content style guide?

Our expert copywriters work to the NHS content style guide. This means that if you use our standard template and copy, you’ll be automatically compliant.

You and your team will need to follow this NHS guide when making future changes to your site, since we do not check every edit made by the practice team.

Do GPsurgery.net websites work on mobile devices?

At GPsurgery.net, we use a mobile-first design philosophy.

We understand that many patients will use the site on their phone or tablet, and have ensured that the site works well on both mobile and desktop devices.

Would we be able to test our site before we go live?

All GPsurgery.net websites are built on a temporary web address, which can be used for testing before the site is published on your final website address.

We’d recommend using your PPG to do this, as they will provide a good sample of the different kinds of patients at your practice.

Are GPsurgery.net websites accessible? 

Our websites are tested in-house for accessibility. We also use Maze for task-based accessibility testing. 

GPsurgery.net websites are accessible without the need for accessibility overlays, which are not recommended by the latest NHS guidance.

Our websites are designed to be WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, but it is important to note that by giving our customers the ability to edit their own sites, it becomes very difficult to be fully compliant. 

To remedy this, we have recently added an accessibility checker to our editor. This means that you and your team will be able to check in real time whether a page you’re editing is accessible.

See more about the Accessibility Checker on our support portal.

If you have any more questions about how GPsurgery.net handles accessibility, please get in touch.

Will you help us to populate our website? 

GPsurgery.net websites come loaded with clear and concise pages for all the necessary information for a GP or PCN website. 

We have also developed a content library of free, professional copy for NHS GP websites. You can take a look at our content library here.

Our customers also receive an exclusive customer newsletter, with monthly content ideas for the news page of their website. 

We already use online services – is there a way we can add these to a GPsurgery.net website?

You’ll be able to link to all major clinical systems and online triage providers from your GPsurgery.net website. 

We will also help you to set up banners or calls to action on your homepage to direct your patients to the correct service.

You can see how a banner might look on our demo site.

Why should we choose GPsurgery.net for our website provider?

At GPsurgery.net, we are proud to offer consistent, efficient support to our customers. 

Switching website provider can be stressful, so we work hard to make this simple for you:

“The smoothness of the transition has been awesome – I can say that with some authority because I have done this now three times in the last four years or so and this is the only time that I can honestly say it was a doddle! You did all the heavy lifting!”

For more customer reviews, see our profile on Practice Index.

Can we keep our domain name if we switch to GPsurgery.net?

We will help you to transfer your old website address to your new website.

We can also help you get set up with a free NHS domain name for your website if you wish.

Is patient data secure on GPsurgery.net websites?

All patient data on GPsurgery.net websites is encrypted.

Our online form entries are encrypted, and we set form data to delete after 7 days (60 days for the Friends and Family Test).

We also conduct regular penetration testing with an independent CREST-approved provider to ensure any problems are found and solved quickly.

Do you offer online forms on your websites?

On our standard plan, we offer a library of forms which have been checked by a clinical safety officer. This includes: update personal details, join our PPG, Friends and Family test and many more.

On our Managed plan, you have the option to have custom forms set up by our team. 

Get in touch to discuss custom forms.

Is there a way we can translate our GPsurgery.net website?

All GPsurgery.net websites have a built-in translator, which allows you to simply and quickly translate the website. 

See the translation feature on our demo site.

Will we be able to advertise jobs on the website?

The jobs feature on GPsurgery.net websites makes it easy for you to set up a job listing, including a closing date and application documents. 

See the Jobs feature on our demo site.