Why GPsurgery.net?

GPsurgery.net is a GP website platform that enables patients to help themselves and find the help they need. Our mantra is simple. Clear communication that empowers patients, connects practices and saves hours of admin time.

We have been providing GP practice websites since 2005 and have worked with hundreds of practices and primary care networks across the UK.

Our aim is to make clear, simple, patient-friendly websites and primary care eHubs that are easy to manage.

Everyone on the GPsurgery.net team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to busy practice managers, GPs and network managers. We understand the changing world of primary care and are quick to adapt to new developments.

The team

GPsurgery.net was created by software development and communications experts Tim Green and Rosalind Dewar. They continue to lead the support and development specialists at GPsurgery.net.

Tim Green

Tim Green

Tim is the founder of GPsurgery.net service. A web design and technology expert, he oversees the technical support and ongoing development of the GPsurgery.net system. He specialises in developing websites based on good communications principles using his in-depth knowledge of accessibility and web standards. Prior to founding GPsurgery.net he worked as a software producer for LEGO Interactive.

Rosalind Dewar

Rosalind devised the concept and wrote the content for GPsurgery.net. An experienced communications adviser to organisations providing services for NHS primary care, she is well-versed in the complexities of UK general practice.

Nick Braithwaite

Nick is the technical product manager at GPsurgery.net focused on solving problems for both practices and patients. He’s worked with a wide variety of startups as both a developer and product manager.

Helen Saint

Helen is our super-efficient admin executive. She has a background in helping charities and societies, including work for the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust providing education event organisation and technical support for health professionals involved in diabetes care.

Together we are backed by a network of specialist designers and technical developers and support technicians.