Manage the News page

The main News page on your website is not editable directly. If you do go into the News page and try and edit it none of your work will be visible.

NB: If you cannot see a news page on the Main Menu or in the Admin area then please email and ask for it to be setup.

The News page is a special page that is designed to show the title and an excerpt of all the latest news. It also includes an archive of all your old news items.

The articles within your News page are managed from the News menu on the main left-hand menu of the Dashboard.

  • Log In to the Dashboard
  • Click on News in the left-hand menu
  • You will see a list of current news items (if any exist)
  • You can click on the name of an existing article to edit it
  • You can click Add New at the top of the page or Add News from the left-hand menu to start a new article
  • Edit the article in exactly the same way as Editing a page
  • Click Preview top right to see how the article will look
  • Click Save draft to come back later without publishing the article
  • Click the Publish button to save the article and publish it live on the site

Read more about changing the status of a page, alert or news item.

Make your news appear on the Home page (‘sticky’ news item)

If you have an article that needs to be more prominent you can add it to the Home page of your website. We call these ‘sticky’ news articles.

To make any news item stick to the Home page simply requires a tick in the right box.

When you are editing the article look to the top right of the screen for the Publish details.


Click the Edit link next to Visibility to reveal the Sticky tick box.


Tick the box and Update. This story will now appear under any Alerts on the Home page.

If it is a long news item use a Read more tag to insert a Read more button as follows.

Read More tag

For long News items use a Read More button.

Read more button in a news item

This is how it looks in the Editor.

Read more button tag in text

To add a Read More button to your sticky news item simply click your mouse into the text where you wish to break the text. Then click the Insert Read More Tag button.

read more button

Save your sticky News item with the Publish button at the top right of the screen.


The story will still be visible as usual on the News page.

The news page