Edit a page

How to edit an existing page

Please note: The Home page is different and you can see how to edit it here.

  • Login to the Dashboard
  • Click on Pages in the left-hand menu
  • Find the page you wish to edit and click on the name

If you can’t find the page you need use the Search box top right.


  • Once you have found the page and clicked on its name you will enter the Edit Page screen.
  • You will see the Page title in the top box. This can be edited but try to keep it short as it can cause problems with the menus.
  • The next box is the main page content editor

TIP Make sure you can see all the toolbar buttons, some of them can be hidden. You should see two rows of buttons. If not find and click this button:


Make any changes you need and click the blue Update button on the right to save.

Formatting and text styles

Try to avoid the temptation to add lots of different styles to the text. The template is designed to show text and headings in a clear simple manner on the public side of the site. If you wish to emphasise an item then setting it to Bold within a well structured page should be enough.

If something requires more emphasis then consider using a Heading.

Headings come in 6 set sizes on web pages. Heading 1 being the largest and 6 the smallest. Here is what they look like (the colour will match your site):


More on page editing

Adding text links

Adding pictures (and picture as links)

Adding documents (and linking to them)

Adding forms (and setting them up)

Save your changes

  • New pages need to be published rather than saved
  • The big blue button top right allows you to do this
  • Once a page has been published the button changes to Update
  • This is the equivalent to Save.