Customising your website

Now you can customise your site to match your brand or practice colours.

There are four standard colours Teal (default colour), Blue, Green and Purple.



To access the customiser

  • login to your Dashboard
  • move your mouse pointer over the name of your surgery in the black bar at the top of the Dashboard
  • click on your practice name or on the Visit Site link that appears below

visit site menu

When you are logged in and viewing the website you will see that there is a black admin menu at the top of the screen.

site admin menu

Move your mouse over your practice name and you will see this menu below that includes a link for the customiser. Click on the Customize option.

This will open the site customiser menu.

customiser menu

The customisations are described below. To view the options for each customisation click on the small down arrow.


logo customiser

If you have a practice logo it might work with your website design. Letterbox shapes, wide and not too tall tend to work best. Your logo must include the practice name as it replaces the default practice name.

Upload a file following the instructions, you will get a preview automatically once the file uploads. If you don’t like the result click the Remove image link that appears. If you do like the result click the large Save & Publish button at the top and then the large X button at the top left to close the Customiser.

Tip: If your logo is tall and narrow or doesn’t include the name of your practice you can use the Branch featured image location to hold your logo instead.

Site Title and Tagline

You won’t normally be changing this but you can amend the Practice and name and the tagline if you have one. If you add a tagline it will appear in small text below the practice name or logo.


You should not change these settings unless directed by support. A mistake here can make your site impossible to navigate.


You can amend and re-order Widgets here although it is easier via the Dashboard.

Static Front Page

You should not change any settings here.

Colour Scheme

You can choose from one of the four pre-defined colour schemes here. Simple click on the colour name Teal, Blue, Dark Green or Purple. Wait a few seconds and you will see the colour applied to your site. If you don’t like it click Teal to return to the default colour. If you like the result click the Save & Publish button at the top and then the large X to close the customiser.

You can also choose any Primary and Secondary colour you like using the built in colour picker.

Click on the colour block underneath the Primary Colour or Secondary Colour heading and move the white circle to the colour you like. The website will update to show the effect.

If you like the result click the Save & Publish button at the top and then the large X to close the customiser.

Tip: Please choose the colours wisely. People with visual impairments need good contrast to be able to read text on screen.

colour customiser

Surgery Country

This option is only used to change the Country that your practice is located in. The effect of changing this it to replace the logo in the bottom right-hand corner of your website to the appropriate regional health authority.