About Us

GPsurgery.net was created in 2005 by communications and software development experts Rosalind Dewar and Tim Green.

Rosalind Dewar

Rosalind devised the concept and wrote the content for GPsurgery.net. A public relations and communications consultant with specialist expertise in the health sector, she is retained as a PR consultant by the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants and the Royal Society of Medicine. She writes regularly for the medical trade press on behalf of her clients and is well-versed in the complexities of UK general practice.

Tim Green

Tim is the technical wizard behind the GPsurgery.net service. A web design and technology expert, he oversees the technical support and ongoing development of the GPsurgery.net system. He specialises in developing websites based on good communications principles using his in-depth knowledge of accessiblity and web standards. Prior to founding Dewar Green he worked as a software producer for LEGO Interactive.

For more information about Dewar Green, go to www.dewargreen.com