Publish status and visibility

All Pages, News items and Alerts can be in one of three different Publish states. These states can be changed very easily although Pages need some careful consideration as they are linked to the Menu system. When logged in to the admin area and looking at one of these items in the Editor, the Publish settings are in a box at the top right of the screen.


Clicking the Edit link to the right of the label Status as seen above will reveal a drop down list of three options. Published, Pending Review and Draft. These states are described below.


For News and Alerts this item will be visible on the site. For Pages the page is visible but will not be easy to find unless it has been added to a Menu.

Pending Review

This is when an item is complete as far as the Author is concerned but wishes to ask someone else to review it before publication.


Documents can be saved as a Draft for completion at a later date. These items are not normally visible.

Change the Status

Click the small Edit link next to Status, select the new status from the drop down list and click OK. Then click Update to save that status.