Patient Services Widgets

What is a Patient Services Widget?

They are the big buttons on the Home page that make it easy for patients to find what they need quickly and easily. There is a video at the foot of this page that demonstrates how to use the widgets or you can follow the instructions below.

There are 15 widgets in total. Here is what 12 of the most commonly used widgets look like:

Patient Services Widgets

What do I need to setup a Patient Services Widget?

The widgets are really just buttons that link to another page on your website or directly to another website. You need to know three things to use a Patient Services Widget.

  1. Which widget to choose (Widget Type)
  2. What text to include in the widget (Title and Content)
  3. The destination (URL) – where you will end up after clicking the button

This information will allow you to fill in the details on the Widget in the Admin area seen below.

Patient Services Widget

Here are detailed instructions for setting up a Patient Services Widget.

Setup your Patient Services Widget

Widget link in menu

When the Widget page loads you should see Available widgets on the left and Widget locations on the right. Your page layout may differ slightly.

Widget locations

Scroll down if necessary to find the Patient Services Widget on the left-hand side in the Available Widgets area.

Scroll down for Patient Services Widget

Click on the Patient Services Widget to reveal the choice of locations.

The default option shown ticked above is the correct setup for your Home page Patient Services Widgets. Click the Add Widget button.

This should create a new Widget and place it ready to be completed in the correct location.

New widget ready for completion

Select the correct Widget Type from the drop down list. The options are:


  • Appointments
  • Repeat Prescriptions
  • Online Services
  • Patient Group 1 (intended for information about PPG)
  • Patient Group 2 (intended for PPG recruitment page)
  • Patient Feedback
  • Patient Survey 1 (intended for Survey form page)
  • Patient Survey 2 (intended for Survey results page)
  • Text Messaging Service
  • Your Details
  • Care Records
  • Friends and Family Test
  • Self Care
  • Who Should I See?
  • First Aid Kit

The Title & The Content

Complete the Title and Content fields. Keep the text to the minimum possible so that the buttons remain a sensible size.

widget text

The destination (URL)

This is the full web address of the page or website you wish the Widget to link to. is an example of a full address. You can find and copy this from your web browser address bar when looking at that page or website.

If you are going to link your widget to a page on your website then it should exist already. If it doesn’t then you need to create it before setting up the widget. See this page for instructions on how to setup a new page. Once you have created the page you will need to know the full web address for the page.

full web address

Finally click the Save button to publish your Widget.

No further steps are required to complete the setup.

Video Tutorial