Manage Widgets

Note: While our clients adapt to the new system we will be pleased to help with anything related to the Widgets used on your site. Below is a very brief description of how and where we use widgets on your site.

What are Widgets?

Widget is the name for a piece of the website that can be displayed in various set positions on the site. These set positions are called Widget Areas.

Widgets are used to display the Patient Online Services button boxes, Sub-menus, CQC widget, NHS 111 widget and various other features like the Google Translate tool.

It is unlikely that you will need to use the Widget tools often if at all.

Widgets can be moved from one area to another but do not always display correctly if they have not been designed for that location.

Widgets can be set to only display on certain pages using a feature called Widget Visibility.

The main Widget Areas on your site are:

  • Homepage – Widgets appear at the bottom of the main area of the Home page
  • Primary – Widgets appear on the right-hand side of most pages
  • Header – Widgets appear at the top of the Home page currently only used for the Branch Telephone Number Widgets
  • Footer 1 – Is used to hold the Helpful Links menu
  • Footer 2 –  Is used to hold the Footer Links menu
  • Footer 3 – Empty
  • Footer 4 – Regional Health Service Identity