Manage Team Members

Add a Team Member

  • Log In
  • Click on Team Members in the left-hand menu
  • Click Add New in the left-hand sub-menu or at the top of the list of team members
  • Type in the the name into the box “Enter title here”
  • On the right-hand side look for the Occupation tick boxes and tick the correct occupation (if you don’t do this the person won’ appear on the Team page)

Add team member

  • Scroll down past the first edit window to find the Team Member details box
  • Complete the fields for Position/Title
  • Scroll down again to complete Qualifications
  • For doctors only select a gender
  • Click the publish button top right to save
  • See below for tips on adding a photograph
  • See below for details on re-ordering staff

Edit a Team Member

  • Log In
  • Click on Team Members in the left-hand menu
  • Click on the name of the Team Member to edit
  • If you can’t find the Team Member use the Search box top right.


  • When you have found their name and clicked on it you will be able to edit their details.

Please note the gender option is only displayed for doctors.

TIP – Use the Featured image link at the foot of the right-hand column to add a photograph. You do not need to add it anywhere else. The system will put it in the right place.


  • Click the Set featured image link
  • You should now see an overlay screen with a large button marked Select files
  • Click the Select files button to find the photograph on your computer (or you can drag and drop the photograph onto the screen if you prefer)
  • If you can’t see the Select files button then check the tab at the top left is set to Upload files as shown below

set featured image

  • Once the image has uploaded you should see it with a tick on the corner
  • Click the Blue button bottom right labelled “Set featured image”

set featured image button

  • Finally click the Update button top right to save the Team Member.

See Adding Images for more details on uploading images

Re-order team members within the same occupation

  • Log In
  • Click on Team Members in the left-hand menu
  • Click on Re-Order in the Team Members sub-menu
  • You should now see a list of all team members (note: they are not grouped by occupation)


  • You can now drag a drop the team members in the right order
  • You don’t need to move them together into groups
  • Simply put them above or below the next person in their group as required
  • Click Update to save