Manage the Out of Hours box

out of hours box

The Out of Hours text is edited within the Widget area of the Dashboard. The Widget Area is found by putting your mouse pointer over the Appearance menu item on the left-hand menu and clicking Widgets.

It requires a very basic understanding of HTML code to make changes. If you are at all concerned about this please email your changes to and we will be pleased to make them for you. For those who would like to know more read on.

The Widget Area is explained in more detail here.

Editing the Out of Hours text

The out of Hours Widget is in the Primary Widget Area.

primary widget area

Open the Primary Widget Area by clicking on it.

primary widget area expanded

Open the Out of Hours Widget by clicking on it.

out of hours text

Edit the text as required.

You can either use opening and closing paragraph tags to separate your text like this <p>text</p> or you can try removing all tags and ticking the ‘Automatically add paragraphs’ tick box and using spaces. It is essential that all opening <p> tags are closed with the correct </p> tag otherwise your Home page layout may fail.

You should not need to change the Visibility settings.

Click Save and check the appearance on the Home page.