Manage branch details and opening hours

Your branch details, including your address, telephone number, and opening hours, are kept in the same widget for ease of access. Visitors to your website can view all of the information they require in the same place.

Although the information is kept in a widget, the details can be edited in the same way as a page. You can find out more about adding a page here.

Your branch details and opening hours should have been automatically imported from your old website when your website went live. However, you may wish to update your contact information and opening hours as needed.

Changing your branch details

  • In order to change your branch details, you will need to log in.
  • Select ‘Branches’ from the black sidebar. If your practice has more than one branch, you will need to select the specific branch from the options that appear. The editor will open.
  • Anything you write in the main editing box will be visible on your website by clicking the Surgery details… button on the Branch widget where it appears on the Home page.
  • Below the main editing box you will find the rest of your branch details.

Screenshot of the branch details in the editor.

  • You can update these details as you require. Your Google Maps link should have already been created for you, so unless your practice changes physical location, this should remain the same.
  • If you are editing your address, please ensure that <br> remains in the text box for every new line. This is a piece of HTML code that adds in a line break. If you omit <br> your address will not display properly.
  • NB: This is the only place on your website that you need to worry about code! Everything else should format in the way you expect.



Managing your opening hours

Your opening hours should be available to edit below the branch details on this page.

Screenshot of opening hours in the editor.

  • As you can see, each day of the week can be edited in as much detail as you like. You can create a set of opening times for the morning and the afternoon, and use the description box to include any additional information.
  • Please be aware of how you format the times. The NHS uses the 12 hour clock system, so your hours should include am and pm. Your website should already have been set up for you in this fashion, but bear it in mind if you need to alter your opening hours.

Set a featured image

Most practices include an image of their building on their home page. You can add one here when revising your branch details.

You can learn more about uploading an image to your website here.

Your practice photograph should ideally be centred on the main building and taken on a nice sunny day. The higher the resolution the better, since it will make your picture sharper and easier to see. Don’t worry about the size otherwise, as the image will automatically shrink to fit the box.

Screenshot of the featured image in the editor.