Manage Branch details and opening hours

branch details

  • Log In to the admin Dashboard
  • Click on the Branches menu item in the left-hand menu
  • Click on the name of the branch you wish to edit (you may only have one)

The large text edit box is not used for Branch details.

The postal address is entered into the first box with a little code to ensure each line of the address in on a different page. In our example is looks like this:

Surgery Road<br>

If you need to edit the address please ensure the <br> remain intact.

The Telephone, Fax, Email address (optional) and Map link are added in the boxes below the address.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours appear in the seven special boxes labelled Monday to Sunday. You can add more sessions to each day using the Add Branch Hours buttons. You can remove sessions with the Remove Branch Hours buttons.

If you make any changes to the Branch details remember to click the Update button top right to save your changes.

Practice photograph

If you have a photograph of your practice (ideally taken on a lovely sunny day and cropped tightly on the building) then you can add it to the Branch details.

On the right of the page below the Publish settings box you should see a Featured Image box with a Set featured image link.

set featured image

  • Click the link to open the Upload Media window
  • If it open on the Media Library page showing all your images and documents then click the Upload Files tab


  • Use large Select Files button in the middle of the screen to find your image on your computer or if you can see it on your desktop you can drag and drop it onto the Window.
  • Once the file has uploaded you can click the Set featured image button in the lower right corner to set the image
  • Click the Update button in the top right section of the window to save your changes.