Manage Home Page

The Home page is the first impression of your website for most visitors. It is very important to keep it as clear and uncluttered as possible. Many visitors simply wish to know the telephone number and the appointment and opening hours.

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Alerts & News

Learn how to manage Alerts here and manage the News page here.

Regular checks to remove out of date Alerts and information is essential. Keep Alerts for very important announcements.

alert box

The News page is the best place for regular news and events. It archives all the information and it remains searchable.

If you have a news item that is really important but long lasting for example a retiring partner or a change of telephone number you can always use an Alert to flag it up initially to give it a higher profile and then remove the Alert later. The News item will remain available and appear in searches.

Link to the News article from the Alert using a text link

Manage Branch details and opening hours

branch details

The Branch details and opening hours are managed in a separate area of the Dashboard. Please visit this link to find out how to manage the branch details and opening hours.

The Welcome box

welcome box

The Welcome box text can be edited in the special Welcome box content editor. This is the second box down when you login to edit the Home page.

welcome box editor

Although you can add any content here including links and images, a simple welcome title and short message keeps things tidy and doesn’t push more important information too far down the page.

The Optional text box

optional text box

This is the text that appears below the Welcome box and any Alerts and before the Online patient services. This area is useful for explaining appointment times or registration requirements for online services.

The Out of Hours box

This information is managed in a widget. Read more about how to edit your Out of Hours box here.

The CQC Widget

This information is managed in a widget. Ask if you need to amend this.

The NHS 111 Widget

This information is managed in a widget. Ask if you need to amend this.