Manage the home page

The home page is the first impression of your website that most visitors will have and, as such, it is important to make it a good one! Most of the information on this page will be kept in widgets, handy little boxes to keep things looking tidy, but be careful not to overwhelm visitors with too much visual noise. Many visitors will want to know basic information like opening hours and contact information.

Screenshot of home page

Your home page will look very similar to this. The various features that visitors might want to access are self-contained and easy to spot.

Adding some basic information to the ‘Welcome to Our Surgery’ box can be useful for visitors. You might want to include a brief overview of your practice, but don’t go into so much detail that it takes over the page. You can edit this box by using the ‘Edit Page’ option in the toolbar at the top of the page.

The rest of the home page can be managed using different features in the dashboard.


Alerts can be applied to the top of the home page. They can be used for important announcements. Be sure to check your alerts frequently to ensure they are up to date and contain information relevant to your visitors.

Screenshot of alert box

You should keep the text brief, but you can include links to pages where visitors can read further information.

You can learn more about managing your alerts here.


News items can be added below the Welcome Box. They are a great way to share regular information and upcoming events.

Screenshot of news box

The information will be automatically archived after a certain amount of time, but will remain searchable.

You can learn more about managing news items here.

Manage branch details & opening hours

Your branch details and opening hours are kept in a widget. They allow visitors to see information at a glance.

Screenshot of branch details box

The criteria, such as address, telephone number, and email address, have already been created for you. It is just the details that need to be updated.

You can learn more about managing your branch details here.

The welcome box

The welcome box is a great way to introduce yourself to your visitors. You can include a brief overview of your practice, and share any other information that you think is relevant.

Screenshot of 'welcome to our surgery' box

Although this box is filled with dummy text, we recommend that you do not exceed this amount of text in order to keep things brief.

The Welcome Box can be edited from the editor for your home page. It is the only item on the home page that can be edited in this fashion.

The out of hours box

The out of hours box is helpful for visitors to know where to find medical help when the surgery is closed. The information is managed in a widget.

Screenshot of the out of hours box

You can edit this to contain any information and links that you deem necessary, but we recommend that you try to keep it brief.

You can learn more about managing the out of hours box here.

The NHS app box

The NHS app is a great tool for patients to check their symptoms, manage their appointments, and order repeat prescriptions. This widget directs patients directly to the NHS website.

Screenshot of the NHS app box

95% of GP Surgeries can be connected to the app, which will allow patients to find and manage information relevant to your practice. Even if your practice is not connected, patients will still be able to check their symptoms.

We do not recommend that you remove this box, but you can do so from the widgets menu.

The CQC widget box

GP practices in England are required to have the results of their Care Quality Commission (CQC) report available on their website. This widget is a handy place to do so.

Screenshot of the CQC widget box

Your CQC report should have already been set up for you, and will automatically update with the latest report. There should be no need for you to alter it.

If something goes wrong with your CQC widget, or you have a query related to it, you can contact us at [email protected].