Copy and paste with care!

It is always tempting to copy and paste large sections of text from an email, Word document or another website into your website. However this can often lead to horrible text formatting or layout problems that are at best unsightly and at worst can cause a page to be unreadable or distorted.

Luckily there is a built in tool to help with this problem. Before you find out how to use the tool make sure you can see two rows of buttons in your Editor toolbar.

Once you have logged in to edit a page, news item, alert or other item look at the toolbar in your Editor.

It may only be showing one row of buttons:


If you click on this button:


You will now see two rows of buttons:

two rows buttons

In the second row of buttons you will find the ‘Paste as plain text’ button. It looks like this:

plain text paste button

When you are ready to paste your text into the editor click this button. Click OK to accept the warning message and then paste your text into the editor. By doing this you will have stripped out all the unwanted formatting. You can now format the page using the editor toolbar and this will ensure your pages remain consistent, readable and well formatted.