Adding an existing form

Most of the forms you need will have been setup for you already. However if you need to add a new form there is a library of forms available to insert with one click into any page or news item.

Insert a form

  • Log In and go to the page or news item where you wish the form to be visible
  • Click into the Editor window and start a new line where you wish to insert the form
  • Make sure you are on a new line to keep things tidy
  • Click the Add Form button above the Edit window. A selection box will open.

insert  a form

  • Choose a form from the list and click the Insert Form button

choose a form

  • Update your page to save
  • View Page and test form

Form settings

By default most forms will email the main website administrator to let them know a form has been completed. If the form is very popular this can be a problem. It is possible to switch off the email notifications or change the email address as required.

  • From the Dashboard click on the Forms menu item on the left
  • Place your mouse pointer over the name of the Form to reveal the quick links
  • Place your mouse pointer over Settings to reveal the drop down list of items to find the Notifications option. Click Notifications.

form settings

  • To disable the email notifications just click the little green switch it will go grey. No further action is required.
  • To modify the Notification ie who receives the email, click on the name of the notification you wish to amend. In the version below it would be Admin Notification

select notification

Note: The default setting show {admin_email} as the sender and recipient. This is replaced by your main website admin’s email address. You can replace these with a full email address eg

Note: The message you receive is often set to {all_fields} this will be replaced by the form submission details. You can change this to a simple text message. Eg “A patient has completed a feedback form”