Q. How do I upload my PPG report (or any other document)?

A. Uploading PPG Reports (and other documents)

Quite a few people are struggling to upload their PPG report documents.

Tip 1 – If possible convert the Word document to a PDF. Try opening your report in Word and using Save as Adobe PDF format.

Tip 2 – See this article on uploading and inserting links to documents.

Q. Why is the News page empty when I try to edit it?

A. The News page is not edited directly. News items are added one by one. Login to the Dashboard and go to the News menu item on the left. You will fine a button to add new articles and a list of any existing stories. Click the name of a story to edit it.

Q. Is it safe to copy and paste text into my website?

A. Yes, but do it using the Paste as plain text button or you can get very unpredictable results. Here are some instructions on pasting safely.

Q. I don’t get any notifications when a form is completed?

A. The first thing to do is make sure the notification for the form is switched on.

  • Login to the Dashboard
  • Click on Forms in the left hand menu
  • Move your mouse pointer over the form name and then over the word ‘settings’ that appears beneath it, this should reveal the Notifications link
  • Click Notifications
  • Make sure the switch is green for on, if not click on it.
  • If it is on then try changing the From Email address to do_not_reply@gpsurgery.net make sure to enter it exactly as shown
  • This setting is found by clicking on the name of the Notification.
  • Update and test the form again.

Q. What does the “HUGE SEO Issue…” message mean when I login?

A. This is visible until your site goes live. It is just to remind us that we are blocking the search engines until the site is ready. If it is still there after the site has gone live please email support@gpsurgery.net

Q. How does the Library page (legacy from old system)

A. If you had a website on the previous version of GPsurgery.net then it probably had a Library page. You will know that all uploaded documents appeared in the Library page automatically and in alphabetical order.

This Library page feature has been discontinued. If we migrated the site for you we will probably have created a Library page for you. If you wish to continue to use this feature you will need to add new document link to the page manually.

Q. How do I save my changes?


  • New items (pages, alerts, news items, team members) need to be published rather than saved
  • The big blue button at the top right allows you to do this
  • Once an item has been published the button changes to Update
  • This is the equivalent to Save.

Q. How do I use the Helpful links menu?

A. Menus are managed in the Dashboard > Appearance > Menus section. See the Quick Start guide in the Support section of our website for full details.

Q. I’ve forgotten my password

A. On the login page click the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link in the grey section below the login form. Follow the instructions on the following screen.

If the email doesn’t arrive within 20 minutes then please check your junk folder. Still no luck then do email support@gpsurgery.net with your practice name and your username and we will help you.

Q. I’ve forgotten how to login

A. Simply add /admin to the end of your website address. If your website is at https://mysurgery.gpsurgery.net you will need to login at: https://mysurgery.gpsurgery.net/admin

Q. Every time I use the “Return/Enter key” I seem to get double line spacing. Is there a way to go to the next line without a gap?

A. Yes. Hold down the “Shift key” when you press the “Return/Enter key” and this will break the text where you are and go to the next line. This is useful for entering addresses or other closely linked information.