Primary care eHubs

Network your primary care websites

Drive efficiency with central messaging

Networks of GP practices working together need consistent, up-to-date messaging for their patients across all their sites.

With you control all your patient messaging through a central eHub, with no additional cost.

Write once, publish everywhere

Save hours of duplicated effort and keep your messages consistent. Our broadcast feature allows you to publish news, alerts, job vacancies and pages to all the GP practice websites in your organisation instantly*.

Deliver excellent communications

If you are using our broadcast feature we provide training to allow one person to manage the organisation’s messaging centrally, saving time and freeing up valuable resources at the practice level.

  • Centralise your website communications
  • Save time
  • Control messaging across the board
  • Build your team with our jobs board
  • Advertise shared resources

*All practices in your network must subscribe to for this feature to work. We also have a product to allow comms across GP websites from different providers. Please contact us for more details.